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Dealing with large collection of photos on website

  • 04 Oct 2020 7:28 PM
    Message # 9283597

    I do the website for the vintageTEK museum. It is a Wordpress site that consists of over 500 pages and 6 gbytes of data that shares much of the museum's collection on-line.

    We also have 12,000 negatives in our archives of which we have scanned over 4,000 consisting of 72 gbytes.

    I'd like to do something on the website where people could view these photos. We'd obviously have to reduce their size.

    We've uploaded about 800 to a Flickr account but it seems cumbersome to deal with and organize large collections.

    I'm wondering how others have dealt with on-line viewing of a large photo collection. I'd like these to be seen and not just sitting in a folder on our computer.

    A large number of the photos are individuals and unfortunately we don't know who most of them are. It would be great if people could tag the photos with their comments.


    vintageTEK museum

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