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COVID-19 news and updates

Like all of us, OMA is trying to stay on top of the daily changes and announcements regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Our board members are engaged in advocacy, funding, planning and day-to-day museum administration issues related to the pandemic. And there are many Oregon agencies that have been working tirelessly to keep us all informed.

We recommend that our members use the following organizations' websites (and sign up for alerts) to stay on top of the latest COVID-19 news.

As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, OMA does not engage in lobbying. This page is educational and non-partisan. 


OMA sends letter to elected officials

"Hello Senator Merkley,
On behalf of the Oregon Museums Association, I'd like to reach out in support of our 250 members located throughout the state of Oregon. As I'm sure you are aware, museums are among the many hard-hit industries facing immediate impacts and extreme revenue loss that are resulting in widespread furloughs and layoffs."

Use the OMA forum

In addition, we recommend that members use the OMA forum to share COVID-19 news and updates. You must be a member and register online to use the forum. Recent posts include a sign-on letter for Oregon museum funding, and requests for feedback on how the pandemic is affecting your work.


Legislative contacts

Oregon State Legislature. Find names and contact for state senators and local representatives. Enter your address or use the clickable map to find your local representatives.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8604, Portland, OR 97207
Contact: connect@oregonmuseums.org 
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