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Urge Congress to Support the Civics Secures Democracy Act

  • 08 Jul 2022 9:11 AM
    Message # 12842383
    Oregon Museums Association (Administrator)

    From AASLH

    At this important moment for the United States, it’s time to link the work of history to the labor of promoting and supporting civic values and knowledge. Most history organizations are civic institutions.

    Please contact your member of Congress and ask them to support the bipartisan Civics Secures Democracy Act. The House of Representatives and the Senate are considering versions of this bill.

    The $5 billion Civics Secures Democracy Act was revised and reintroduced in the Senate last month, creating a huge opportunity to fund K-12 history and civics education and programs over the next five years. The act’s stated purpose is to “protect the health of our constitutional democracy by prioritizing American history and civics in our nation’s schools.”

    At least $200 million annually would go to “qualified nonprofit organizations,” such as historical societies and history museums, through competitive grants. Funding would help the nonprofits develop or expand access to civics curricula, instructional models, and other educational programs to enhance student knowledge and achievement in American civics and history. Other facets of the bill create additional footholds for history organizations to participate in this massive expansion of civics and history education. Learn more about the act here.

    Take action.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8604, Portland, OR 97207
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