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Two Vehicles for Museum to Museum transfer from OHS

  • 30 Mar 2022 2:18 PM
    Message # 12687924

    OHS is offering two separate vehicles for museum-to-museum transfer*. More information on each is below and photos are attached. All costs associated with the transfer (titling, registration, flatbed trailer, etc.) are the responsibility of the recipient. All interested parties will be added to a list in order of reply; parties will be given two weeks to plan and an additional week to physically transfer the vehicle before it is offered to the next interested party.

    *If the vehicle is not requested as a museum transfer it will be offered for best-offer sale via Craigslist. Interested individuals can contact Nicole Yasuhara to be made aware of a possible sale.

    Please contact with questions or to express interest in either vehicle.

    1.      1966 Ford F-100 truck shell (OHS Museum 2008-76.1) for transfer. No engine, transmission, exhaust, gas tank present—all were removed prior to exhibition. Blue metal with silver bumpers, handles, side mirrors and hubcaps. Black/grey/white fabric seat in cab. Radio with 2 black knobs. Silver key in ignition. White grill on front of truck and white instrument panel in cab. Blue license plate with raised yellow lettering (Pacific Wonderland plates) on front and rear. Black rubber tires. "Ford" in white on rear door of bed. On passenger side, above front tire "Ford/Twin I Beam/100". "KCX 251/Oct OREGON" on license plates.

    Truck was purchased in 2008 as an exhibit prop and accessioned to the permanent collection; formally deaccessioned in 2022.


    2.      1958 Dodge Coronet (OHS Museum 94-93.1.1-.31) for transfer. Black sedan, white wall tires with chrome wheel covers - relief fluting on black background suggesting wire wheels, chrome profile of knight's helmet on relief wheel cover center. Dual headlight front mounted in fenders in side by side configuration. Horizontal chrome strip grill center front with plastic lens. Chrome bumper with turn lights, license plate mounted bottom center. Chrome lettered hood with dual chrome center piece. Chrome fender mounted mirror on driver's side. Chrome side trim and door handles. Fin back with stacked circular red tail lights. Chrome rear bumper with dual exhaust. License plate mounted in trunk lid above push-button entry. Interior: black dashboard, chrome dials, push button automatic transmission left, 120 mph speedometer above dials, air conditioning mounted center. Black fabric upholstery with white vinyl trim. .2-.22) Twenty one license plates, one bracket (.31), (.23-.26) four spare tail lights, .30) one spare tire, on jack (.27) on stand, two lug wrenches (.28, .29). "DODGE" front and back. "Coronet" on rear sides. Oregon license place "6 MONT". Vehicle Identification Number "LD2/51670" inside door jamb.

    Vehicle was donated in 1994; formally deaccessioned in 2022.

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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8604, Portland, OR 97207
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