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2023 Annual Conference - Keynote speaker

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Meet Kenny Adams, Keynote speaker

Kenny Adams grew up in the small town of Palm Coast, Florida. From an early age, he exhibited a fascination with technology, which led him to pursue a career in IT. Over the course of 30 years, Kenny honed his expertise in networking, security, hardware, and software management, becoming a respected authority in his field. However, his talents extended beyond the world of IT.

Driven by a desire to make a difference in his community, Kenny joined AmeriCorps at age 19, where he played a pivotal role in developing a much-needed teen center as a safe haven for at risk youth. This experience sparked a passion for community outreach and creative expression. In addition to his IT pursuits, Kenny transplanted to Georgia during the great recession where he ventured into the realms of Marketing, Web & Graphic Design, and community-based website that produced Podcasts and Web Shows, leveraging his skills to create platforms for diverse voices and stories to be heard.

In 2013, Kenny's life took a new turn as he and his family left Georgia and moved to Central Oregon. Embracing his new home, he became actively engaged in community work and advocacy. The pivotal moment arrived in 2020 when Kenny delivered a powerful speech at Troy Field in Bend, following the March for Racial Justice. This public address ignited his passion for social change, and transformative social commentary which drove him to channel his energy and expertise towards community

In 2022, Kenny's dedication led him to assume the role of Executive Director at The Father's Group, a Black-led non-profit organization. In this capacity, he focused on reinforcing the Ujima Youth Program, an initiative aimed at providing zero-barrier access to STEM, History, and Recreational activities taught through an Afro-Centric lens. The Bridge Program, another vital component, aimed to support individuals in the Parole and Probation system, assisting them in transitioning to a better future.

Furthermore, Kenny's involvement with The Father's Group included spearheading "A Night out With The Father's Group," a film series that facilitated open discussions on challenging topics, offering honest and clear answers to the community. His contributions extended to the design, creative direction, and assisting with logistical management of the Juneteenth Central Oregon Celebration, highlighting his
commitment to Black cultural awareness and commemoration of the ending of Slavery.

Beyond his community endeavors, Kenny Adams found another voice as a documentarian. His impactful documentary, "Blend: On Being Black in Bend" featured insightful interviews with ten Black Central Oregonians, shedding light on their lived experiences in the area and fostering dialogue and understanding that there is still much work to be done. The film's screening at the Bend Film Festival underscored its significance and resonance.

Currently, Kenny is in the pre-production stage of his next documentary, centered around the life of his mentor, whose influence has been deeply transformative since their meeting in 2020. Kenny Adams' multifaceted journey continues to exemplify the power of combining technical expertise, community advocacy, and storytelling to drive positive change and unity in Central Oregon and beyond.

Mailing Address: PO Box 8604, Portland, OR 97207
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