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New Exhibit - Faces, Places & Vases

03 Dec 2015 12:25 PM | Oregon Museums Association (Administrator)

Faces, Places & Vases, featuring the art of Skip Horton and Donna Beverly, is on display at Benton County Museum through January 23, 2016.

“Movement is a constant element in my artwork; the drama of the wind across the landscape, like the dancer on a stage, always influences my images.  Once the image is redrawn in watercolor pencil or graphite line on the canvas and the focus of the painting is established, I can then get lost in my world of color and the dance of the paintbrush…. Studying color theory and art history gives me the impetus to utilize color as a means of personal expression and play”  says Beverly.  


Reflecting on his art in this exhibition, Horton says “The metal, ceramic and glass pieces in this show are the result of combining various media, glass details on ceramic pieces, for example. I now combine and use new tools and techniques with what I have done in the past in a less goal-oriented way.  I get a general idea about a sculpture, start the project and then let the process dictate how things go. Instead of designing for the purpose of training someone else, I produce for the joy of using my own hands.”


Enjoy a visit to Oregon’s past and present! The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 – 4:30. Admission is always free!



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