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Guest Curators - Five Oaks Museum

05 Jan 2021 4:31 PM | Oregon Museums Association (Administrator)

Five Oaks Museum presents two major exhibitions each year that are curated by community members of all backgrounds and experience levels. The application period to submit exhibition proposals is now open! Because the museum’s building is closed due to the pandemic, the 2021 exhibitions will be entirely online and featured prominently on the museum’s website. The Guest Curator applications are reviewed by a panel of community members and awarded by a voting process. 

Art Exhibition: Opens July 2021

Each summer the museum features an art exhibition. Proposals for this exhibition are encouraged, but not required, to be multidisciplinary. Relative to the history and culture exhibition, the art exhibition is smaller in duration, budget, and compensation; proposals should be mindful of those parameters. There is no standard curriculum component for summer exhibitions. 

Proposals for exhibitions opening in the summer are required to feature art; they are welcome, but not required, to include additional cultural and historical elements.

History and Culture Exhibition: Opens October 2021

The museum’s history and culture exhibition follows the academic calendar in order to offer a thoughtful and exciting cultural resource that can support curriculum offerings for area schools from elementary through college. This school-year length exhibition sees the heaviest traffic of all the museum’s exhibitions and as such, the History and Culture Guest Curatorship is a deeper engagement than the Art Guest Curatorship. The History and Culture Guest Curatorship includes a research period in the museum’s collections and archives and delivering a public talk. 

Proposals for school-year exhibitions are required to have historical and cultural elements; they are welcome, but not required, to include art.


Guest Curators receive a fixed stipend as compensation for the entire project. Stipends are paid 50% at the beginning of the work period and 50% at completion. Recipients must submit a W9. Engagement after the Guest Curatorship cycle concludes may be voluntary or compensated on a case-by-case basis.

Art exhibition stipend: $1,500 **stipend increase!
History and culture exhibition stipend: $3,500
**stipend increase!

Deadline is January 31, 2021.

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