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Executive Director - Cascade Locks History Museum

03 Apr 2019 10:25 AM | Oregon Museums Association (Administrator)

The Cascade Locks History Museum Board is looking for an Executive Director, a dynamic individual with lots of energy and the ability to see what could be. The salary is negotiable between $36,000 and $40,000 per year. A special stipend will be paid for health insurance. Only those individuals with lots of energy and experience in museum management need apply.

General Description of Duties: The Museum Executive Director reports and is directly responsible to the Museum Board of Directors and oversees the general operations of the Museum on a day to day basis. The Executive Director works with and assists the Museum Board establish museum vision, goals and priorities along with managing staff and volunteers and coordinating with the City and Port. The Executive Director also manages and coordinates all fund raising, construction and remodeling to achieve long range goals of the Museum. Writing grants, developing cooperative partnerships, seeking donations and developing programs and activities are also a part of the Directors job and responsibility.

The Director works with the Board President to prepare regular Board agendas and prepares written reports for the Board to facilitate the decision making process. The Director spends time educating and communicating with both the local and regional communities gaining support and interest in the Museum. The Director is fully responsible for all full time, part time and volunteer staff and assist staff carry out the priorities of the Museum Board.

Essential Job Tasks:

  1. Assist the Museum Board develop vision, goals and priorities.
  2. Manages the Museum fund raising effort with the consultant leading to construction of the new Pony Building and renovation of the Museum Building.
  3. Prepares proposed annual budgets based on Board priorities.
  4. Plans, conducts and delivers programs, activities and events designed to educate participants and generate additional revenue for the Museum.
  5. Prepares proposed policy documents for Board adoption. Personnel policies, hiring practices, annual evaluations, and other policies pertinent to the operation of the Museum.
  6. Carries out Board policy and direction.
  7. Assist the Museum Board develop and adopt the annual budget. The Director is responsible for creating the annual budget based on the priorities established by the Museum Board. All budgets must be balanced.
  8. Serves as the Museum Budget Officer.
  9. Help to ensure the proper care, maintenance and upkeep of all Museum and Port facilities and equipment under the control of the Museum.
  10. Implement the approved budget and objectives as approved by the Museum Board.
  11. Maintains regular, positive and effective relationships with other museums, the Oregon Historic Society, Port of Cascade Locks, City of Cascade Locks and others. Participates as a member of the Joint Work Group on Economic Development representing the Museum. Keep good working relationships with other Museums in the Gorge and statewide organizations.
  12. Project a positive image to the local public as well as to state and federal agencies and elected officials.
  13. Prepares news releases, flyers, brochures and other public education and information resources.
  14. Assist in keeping the organization and staff focused on the priorities and yet also receptive to new opportunities that may arise leading to job development. Assist all staff and volunteers to be successful.
  15. Long range planning.
  16. Writes grants, makes funding requests and encourages creation of a solid financial framework and foundation for the Museum.
  17. Makes sure that the Museum, its facilities and programs are recognized as critical to the economic development of the community.
  18. Make sure the Museum is active and present on the internet and social media.
  19. Work with and coordinate with the City Tourism Committee to promote the Museum.
  20. Other duties and tasks as may be assigned by the Museum Board or necessary to achieve the goals of the Museum and the community.

Desired Experience: As an Executive Director, the following skills, experiences and education are required.

A. Experience in seeing the big picture and getting community support to move in a focused direction leading to jobs and new businesses.

B. Extensive experience working with and collaborating with others to benefit the community. Maintains positive and effective working relationships with other local governments.

C. Experience and success in fund raising.

D. Experience in contracting for services and necessary functions.

E. Both local and state-wide experience in Museum or related field.

F. Federal and State grant writing experience.

Required Education: The Museum prefers at least a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university or Masters Degree. Educational work should be in a related field to the work of the Museum.

Applications via letter of interest and resume should be filed with the Museum by May 15, 2019. Mail to Cascade Locks Museum, c/o Port of Cascade Locks, PO Box 307, Cascade Locks, Oregon 97014.


Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8604, Portland, OR 97207
Contact: connect@oregonmuseums.org 
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