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Contract Project Managers - Oregon Arts Commission

03 May 2022 11:06 AM | Oregon Museums Association (Administrator)

The Oregon Arts Commission is seeking contract project managers for the Oregon Percent for Art in Public Places Program

Project coordination services include some or all aspects of managing public art projects for state agencies and public universities in Oregon. State agencies are required to reserve 1% of state construction and renovation project budgets for the acquisition of art. The Percent for Art in Public Places Program, managed by the Oregon Arts Commission, guides the acquisition of artwork. Artwork and artists are selected by project-specific committees composed of Oregon residents representing the user state agency or university, community members, arts professionals, and a project architect. Project managers facilitate the selection and commissioning process as a non-voting chair of each art selection committee, managing the public art process from start to finish.

Deadline to submit qualifications: May 27, 2022 at 3pm.


The Oregon Business Development Department (“Business Oregon”) has already recruited a pool of contractors that may be called upon as needed to perform Percent for Art in Public Places project coordination services for the Oregon Arts Commission. Business Oregon is re-opening an application period to join that pool, and anticipates (but is not required) selecting two to three additional project coordinators. Business Oregon reserves the right to re-open this request for qualifications at any time to augment the pool of contractors; and any such re-openings will be published in the same manner as this solicitation.

Business Oregon intends to establish Agreements for Services contracts for a five-year duration, and reserves the right to amend any of them for additional time as allowed by law if agreed upon by both parties. A contract may also be amended for additional services reasonably related to the Percent for Art in Public Places Program. The initial contracts are expected to pay for services at the rate of $36.50 per hour. The following payrate scale is used:

  • $36.50/hr - Base rate (1-3 years of experience)
  • $40/hr - Completion of 5 Arts Commission projects and 4-6 years of experience
  • $42.50/hr - Completion of 10 projects
  • $45/hr  - Completion of 15 projects
  • $47.50/hr - Completion of 20 projects
  • $50/hr - Completion of more than 25 projects

Business Oregon will determine, in its sole discretion, the work assignment allocation process, and projects will be assigned with individual Work Assignment Contracts on an as-needed basis. Project coordinators are estimated to work between 30 to 120 hours per month, depending on project assignment availability and project coordinator preference. Projects arise at different times, and there is no guarantee of any specific level of work.

More information: For detailed information and instructions on how to apply, please see the Request for Qualifications.

Program webpage: https://www.oregonartscommission.org/programs/art-public-places

Administrative Rules for the program: https://secure.sos.state.or.us/oard/displayDivisionRules.action?selectedDivision=213

Questions? Please contact Jon Walton, Contracts Specialist, Jon.Walton@oregon.gov, 971-600-4902.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8604, Portland, OR 97207
Contact: connect@oregonmuseums.org 
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