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Collections management platfor poll results as of Oct 20

  • 20 Oct 2020 3:14 PM
    Message # 9315958
    Oregon Museums Association (Administrator)

    Thanks to all who have answered! Here are the results to date for the collections management platform poll. (Answer the poll here.)

    Results so far
    4- PastPerfect
    1 - EmbARK by Gallery Systems

    "[PastPerfect] has the operations we need (location tracking, metadata fields, etc.), but it can be difficult for newer users that are older in age. Many of the quirks of the system, like spacing and formatting, are difficult to teach."

    "Pastperfect is intuitive by design. One program handles not only collections, but memberships, $ donations, and online collections and more all linked together. Support is outstanding."

    "We also use LibraryThing for our book and periodical collections."

    "PastPerfect is not perfect by any means. I hate how hard it is to get information out of it. I hate that there are settings that are not relevant to us and I HATE how there are way way too many ways for someone to be considered a member. Either you are or you aren't. If you haven't paid, you should no longer be on the member list. It makes it too hard to pull reports."

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