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Hood River, Oregon

Resilience: Responding to Change

September 9, 10 and 11, 2018 

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Slides from presentations

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 Keynote address - Colin Fogarty 

 Session 1A - Better Boards and Beyond - slides and handouts - Board tune-up, Board responsibilities, Guide to non-profit board service

 Session 1B - Interpretive Planning for Museums - slides and handout

Session 2A - Advocating for Equity–Stories and Resources from the Field

Session 2B - Planning and Implementing an Emergency Preparedness Plan

Session 3A - University Collections, Access, and Lessons for the Rest of Us - slides and script

Session 3B - Data-Driven Decision Making: Evaluation Made (Mostly) Painless - slides and handout

Session 4A - Reimagining the Small Museum for the 21st Century: Engaging Younger and More Diverse Audiences - Fort Nisqually (Campbell), Oregon Black Pioneers (Carr), Overview (Burns)

Session 4B - Exhibiting Textiles: How Not to Unravel at the Seams

Session 5A - Engaging New Audiences: The Oregon Historical Society’s Blog Project - Handout 1 - Handout 2

Session 5B - A Small Town, About to Lose Their Museum... A Year Later! 

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