Job Opportunity: Exhibition and Outreach Contractor, Oregon State Capital Foundation

22 Dec 2017 9:04 AM | Oregon Museums Association (Administrator)

Oregon Museum Exhibition and Outreach Contractor

Oregon State Capitol Foundation

Reporting to:  OSCF Board of Directors via the OSCF History Committee

Area Served:  Statewide with primary office in Salem; contractor location is flexible 

Contract Duration:  negotiable  

Compensation:  Open to Bid

Time Commitment: per bid estimates

The Oregon State Capitol Foundation funds projects, events, and programs that engage Oregonians in their democracy and preserves the legacy of Oregon’s Capitol and the business conducted within the building.  As Oregonians, we share a heritage and OSCF’s mission is to help explain that heritage as it relates to the Capitol building and our democratic processes.  

Thousands of Oregonians visit our Capitol each year and are enriched by these projects, events, and programs. Some come to experience the beauty of the Art Deco building and hear the stories that shaped our state. Some are interested in the building’s artwork. Others climb the 121 steps up into the Capitol tower to get a closer look at our famous statue and a spectacular view of Salem. Many more come to learn about our state democracy or participate in the legislative process The visitor experience is informed by a comprehensive interpretive plan and active exhibit program entitled the Capitol History Gateway. 

To further OSCF’s work and to enrich the Capitol History Gateway experience, OSCF is seeking a  contractor to assess how a cooperative program between the Capitol History Gateway project and Oregon’s regional museums, heritage organizations and other like interests could be implemented and sustained. Should the assessment conclude that such a program is feasible and affordable, the contractor will proceed to create, schedule and possibly curate rotating exhibits for the Capitol History Gateway at the state Capitol building. These exhibits are to showcase other parts of our state and their unique heritage as a way of enhancing the projects, events and programs of the Capitol History Gateway. 

OSCF Contract Management Structures and Processes:


  • A work plan to accomplish the itemized tasks will be prepared by the contractor within the first 30 days of the contract.
  • Upon approval of the plan, the contractor will provide the feasibility assessment of the project.  This is expected to be completed within 60 days following the work plan approval.
  • Feasibility assessment will include on-site visits to Oregon’s major regional museums and to a selected number of local heritage societies to understand what materials in each location might be appropriately displayed in the Capitol, and at what cost. 
  • Based on the feasibility assessment, contractor will then prepare a projected exhibit schedule, should the program be possible.
  • Contractor will provide an initial assessment for sustained project management.


  • Contractor will proceed to book exhibits, or recommend personnel to book exhibits for the next 24-to 36 months
  • Contractor will complete the project by providing OSCF with a completed plan and budget for sustaining   the project that addresses the realities of the booking process.  The plan will include qualifications for project management that may include curatorial expertise, exhibit development and display background, local history expertise, as well as project management skills. 


  • Travel is anticipated as part of this work and will be compensated based on State of Oregon travel rules. 
  • The exhibit space is a 10 X 10 area, located on the first floor of the Capitol. Additional wall space may be available. 
  • Contractor will report to the OSCF Board through the OSCF History Committee, with regular communication between the History Committee chair or his or her designee.  The History Committee includes OSCF Board members, and is staffed by the Capitol’s Visitor Services Manager and an interpretive planning and design consultant each of whom will be available to the contractor for consultation. 


  • Assess and research what a 24-to 36-month calendar of rotating exhibits in the Oregon State Capitol could/should include.  Provide a recommendation on the feasibility of such a program. 
  • Should the program be feasible develop a program to support the rotating exhibits and/or current schedule of events. This may include speakers, films, special events or other activities as appropriate which are tied to the content of the rotating exhibit.  
  • Assess the potential for an exhibit program traveling from the Capitol History Gateway to venues in the state including Oregon Historical Society, regional museums and heritage societies. This work includes researching local and statewide exhibit opportunities. 
  • Book exhibits and supporting programs for the next 24-to 36-months should the project be feasible and estimated resources available. Consultation with Visitor Services is required prior to finalizing bookings. 
  • Recommend how the Capitol History Gateway would sustain the rotating exhibit and programming effort.  Should it be sustainable, contractor will prepare a job description for the project. 
  • Jointly with the OSCF Development Officer, assess the development opportunities resulting from these statewide museum and heritage society programs and relationships. 
  • Assist Visitor Services Manager with completing the Standard Facility Report for the Oregon State Capitol.


  • Capacity to initiate connections independently
  • Demonstrated organizational / systematic programming experience
  • Preferable experience with exhibit development and display
  • Preferable knowledge about Oregon communities
  • Passion for local history
  • Preferable professional and educational background in western history

Application Instructions:

To submit a proposal for this opportunity, please send a cover letter, three references from work completed in the last 2 years, any other information you think is important about your professional qualifications and interests, and response to the questions below to:  Genoa Ingram, OSCF Administrator by January 15, 2018.    


  1. Discuss how you would launch this project.
  2. Provide an estimate of the time necessary to complete the job.
  3. Discuss what you see as challenges to these tasks and why.  
  4. Tell us how your background will benefit this project. 


  • Standard Facility Report (in conjunction with the Visitor Services Manager)
  • Project timeline report within 30 days of contract commencement
  • Project feasibility report within 60 days of timeline report approval
  • Confirmed 24 to 36-month exhibition schedule based on feasibility findings
  • Supporting activities program report of options aligned with rotating exhibit schedule
  • Findings report relating to a future Capitol History Gateway traveling exhibit program
  • Recommendation report including lessons learned and a draft job/contract description


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