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Job Opportunity: Birthday Party Coordinator, Science Works Hands-On Museum

09 Jul 2017 3:29 PM | Oregon Museums Association (Administrator)

The Birthday Party Coordinator works independently to prepare for birthday parties, provide customer service for families during parties, deliver ScienceWorks programming during parties, and ensure that party facilities and materials are cleaned up at the end of the party. ScienceWorks programming for birthday parties generally includes a short demonstration with liquid nitrogen and making liquid nitrogen ice cream/juice freeze for party guests.

Major Responsibilities  

  • Coordinate the preparation of birthday goodie bags. This involves maintaining materials on hand and requesting that materials be ordered by the Guest Services manager or Gift Shop Coordinator. Front desk staff may be available for the assembly of goodie bags.  
  • Prepare facilities for birthday parties and provide customer service for families during birthday parties. This involves setting up tables and chairs in the party room, ensuring trash and recycling bins are available, and assisting families with questions and needs related to the facility.  
  • Obtain the materials for liquid nitrogen ice cream/juice freeze demonstration. Do a short demonstration with party guests. And clean up materials from the demonstration.  
  • Ensure that party spaces are cleaned up and ready for use as museum or education space. This involves removing trash and any other materials related to parties, wiping down tables and mopping if necessary, and resetting tables, chairs, and exhibits in the party space.  
  • Provide birthday party evaluation tools to the party organizer. Based on this data, reflect on the birthday party process and the guest experience, and make recommendations for improvements.  
  • Provide support to front desk staff for short periods of time for breaks.
  • Confirm party reservations one week prior via telephone.
  • Reliability and ability to be organized, plan ahead, and manage the details related to preparing and delivering high quality programming with minimal supervision. 

Essential Traits 

  • Reliability and ability to be organized, plan ahead, and manage the details related to preparing and delivering high quality programming with minimal supervision.  
  • Computer skills for accessing calendars, communicating, and providing support to front desk staff.  
  • Ability to work with adults and children and provide cheerful, positive, responsive customer service.  
  • Understanding of, or ability to rapidly learn, science concepts related to liquid nitrogen and phase change.  
  • Ability to demonstrate phase change using liquid nitrogen in a safe and fun activity that involves party guests.   
  • Enthusiasm for exploration and a curiosity about the world around us.  
  • Ability to work independently and to provide clear communication to the Guest Services Manager, Public Programs Coordinator, and Education Director about needs related to birthday parties.

Commitment & Compensation

The schedule and number of hours varies weekly. The number of hours for preparation, programming, and clean up is approximately 2.5 hrs per birthday party. Some birthday party times overlap. The total number of hours will not exceed 15 hrs/week.  

This position requires work on Friday afternoons, weekends, and holidays.  Compensation includes free membership to Science Works Hands-On Museum. Wages depend on experience

To Apply  

Send a resume and cover letter to

Provide 3 professional references.


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